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          Summer Time Parties

I was thrilled to be included for the second year with a group of photographers that have now had two Rendezvous Retreats.  The first one was in Jackson Hole and this year's was in Charlottesville, VA.


When told the location was in Charlottesville, I was very excited. (Keep in mind this is a group of photographers from all over the country!) The Charlottesville location is special to me because it is so close to Greenwood, the site of my grandparents' and great-grandparents' homes. As a child I spent a lot of time at Ramsay. Though my family no longer owns it, (and it's had a lot of renovations!), its beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains will always remain in my mind's eye. As will Mirador, next door. Again, Mirador is no longer in our family; however, I have heard many a story about the house and those that lived in it from my Dad and other family members.

Snippet and Ink was the host of this year's Rendezvous. Some of their favorite photographers (Christina McNeill, Carrie Pattterson, Kate Headley, Jen Fariello and Richmond's own Patricia Lyons) took the festivities to Charlottesville, Virginia. Snippet and Ink is one of my favorite Website destinations for party and wedding inspirations. They wanted to show that daytime weddings can be super fun, relaxing and easy to execute.  And from the looks of the photographs, I'm there!!! Just beautiful!  

I hope you will take some time to explore some of these links I've included. Great inspiration!  And what wonderful memories they will have :)


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