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Commission Process

A lot of my work is commissioned. Let me create a unique commissioned piece of art for you—one that is all about you or someone you love.  My art tells a story.  A story that we work on together.  How we get to the result is just as much a part of the story as the final unwrapping and seeing the finished product.  I want my process to be just as enjoyable.  Occasions in life, no matter how simple, can be a celebration.  I spend time chatting with all of my clients to learn as much as I can about the story they want to highlight.

I work from photographs, sometimes many.  But the conversation with you can tell me so much more.  To quote one client when we talked about the family's dog and what he did that was upsetting but understandable: "Fido has eaten every sofa we have ever had, and he chews the corners right off.  He also ate through a package with a new Hermes bag and chewed up the bag after getting through the packaging.  The store said it was the first call for a bag eaten by a dog.  I find that hard to believe."

By hearing this story and many like it and seeing the photographs, I can create a dog portrait with much more meaning behind it for me as the creator and you, the recipient.

Weddings have great stories as well.  From the dress to the flowers to the location, each detail is chosen with "needle-like" precision by the bride.

Families along with houses have such a history.  A moment in time can be iconic and create a great memory, and ultimately become a charming one-of-a-kind keepsake destined to be a focal point in your home.  These unique pieces can be framed under glass or made into a pillow. 

Please spend some time viewing my Portfolio for more ideas. And here for a point-by-point process.

I can't wait to talk to you! Dial (804) 304-8808 or email me - sarah@sarahwileyart.com. Any time!!

Pricing starts at $450.00