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The world is unsettled. Tragedies seem to occur each day. The acrimonious presidential election will dominate the newspaper and network news in the coming months.

However, at Huger we are focussing on the good things in life. There is no better way to do that than to appreciate the beauty all around us.

Southern Blooms we love... A pleasant and needed distraction amidst the summer heat and the world's strife.


The Magnolia

Growing up we had six magnolia trees in our yard. I would climb to the top of the tallest one and holler down to my Mom. She was so scared that I would fall. How dirty my hands would get!

The Peony

My peony bushes never have done well. My friend Meridith's always do well. Their aroma bowls me over. Her thumb is greener than mine!

The Gardenia

Gardenias grow outside my shop door. In the early summer their smell, which permeates my space, reminds me of visits to my grandparents. Granny always made a point of showing me her gardenia bush in full bloom.



The Rose

Roses are a gardener's dream. My knockout roses are easy. I yearn for the time to create a genuine rose garden of colors and smells that last through the season.

The Southern Blooms Collection by Huger. Cocktail napkins, framed art, pillows and tea towels. Enjoy!

Did you notice we changed our name? We are all about memories. Yours and mine... Visit Huger often!  We are adding and changing all the time.  And please spread the word about this little business. Thanks!

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