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          US Open and Father's Day

Hope you are enjoying watching the US Open on this Father's Day weekend. It's certainly on at our house! Ever since I remember, it's been an important part of this weekend. (Though, has it always been on Father's Day Weekend????)  As a child visiting my grandparents, I remember the comforting hum of the golf commentators.    

  My dad and husband are huge fans of golf and all things golf. Jimmy plays as often as possible and Dad is not far behind.  They are both spending a bit of time in front of the television set this weekend. 

Now that I play golf, I can say I enjoy watching the Open, (but in limited amounts), as well. But mostly for the fashion and people watching.  And I do pick up a tip or two... :)

Happy Father's Day to all of you Dad's out there! Spend some time with family this Sunday and enjoy my renditions of Jason, Jordan, Rory and Rickie. (For more information, go here.)


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