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Interior Portraits and Other Framed Works

As a nod to my years as an interior designer and because I LOVE homes and interiors, I create rooms in fabric. For years artists have painted interior portraits. Historically, they were a way of preserving one's memories and handing them down to the next generation. I take this one step further. While using textiles as my medium I often use the same or similar fabrics to the rooms I recreate. I like to include important or memorable objects. I compare my designs to miniature rooms or dollhouses, both of which I have collected in the past. The challenge for me is finding interior design textiles that are small enough to create enough of an impact for the room without throwing off the scale.  Mixing fabric, color and texture creates a room similar to one that we might have in our own home.  OR, sometimes, something completely out of the ordinary.  More playful and perhaps surreal… Look for the little elements I sometimes include - buttons, baubles and other small trinkets.

Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall $ 800.00
Coved Hall
Coved Hall $ 1,300.00
Canopy with Poppies
Canopy with Poppies $ 750.00
Sweeping Staircase
Sweeping Staircase $ 800.00
Botanical Haven
Botanical Haven $ 1,700.00
Two Chairs Fireside
Two Chairs Fireside $ 800.00
Backgammon at the Gasparilla Inn
Backgammon at the Gasparilla Inn $ 1,700.00
Be Still My Heart: Bunny's Barn
Be Still My Heart: Bunny's Barn $ 2,200.00
Waiting - Lyford Cay Club
Waiting - Lyford Cay Club $ 1,600.00
Picnic Under A Blue Umbrella
Picnic Under A Blue Umbrella $ 1,400.00
Time Is A Factor
Time Is A Factor $ 1,500.00
A Glorious Potting Shed
A Glorious Potting Shed Sold
Retro Kitchen
Retro Kitchen Sold
Exploring Many Rooms
Exploring Many Rooms $ 800.00
Sunshine Blooms
Sunshine Blooms $ 700.00
Italian Hall
Italian Hall $ 750.00
Moroccan Oasis
Moroccan Oasis $ 700.00
Welcoming Botanicals
Welcoming Botanicals $ 800.00
Mountain View
Mountain View $ 1,700.00
Two Beds in Tribeca
Two Beds in Tribeca $ 995.00
Portrait and Purple Blooms
Portrait and Purple Blooms $ 700.00
Shepherd's House
Shepherd's House $ 850.00
The Colony Club Lobby
The Colony Club Lobby Sold
The Fabric Mudroom
The Fabric Mudroom Sold
Green Windowsill
Green Windowsill $ 1,200.00
Room with Etagere
Room with Etagere Sold
Through the Doorway
Through the Doorway $ 700.00
Capturing the Rails
Capturing the Rails $ 800.00
Dining Room and Geranium
Dining Room and Geranium $ 800.00
Blue Bedroom
Blue Bedroom $ 950.00
Two Sofas
Two Sofas $ 895.00
Wicker Elegance
Wicker Elegance Sold
Studio Living
Studio Living $ 1,750.00
Floral Sofa and Modern Art
Floral Sofa and Modern Art $ 1,675.00
Nancy L Living room
Nancy L Living room Sold
Summer Room
Summer Room Sold
"Lola" $ 350.00
"Martina" $ 350.00
"Rene" $ 350.00
Helichrysum 1
Helichrysum 1 $ 295.00
Helichrysum 3
Helichrysum 3 $ 295.00
Helichrysum 4
Helichrysum 4 $ 295.00
Helichrysum 5
Helichrysum 5 $ 295.00
Poppy 1
Poppy 1 $ 295.00
Poppy 2
Poppy 2 $ 295.00
Poppy 3
Poppy 3 Sold
Poppy 4
Poppy 4 $ 295.00
Poppy 5
Poppy 5 $ 295.00
Cosmos 1
Cosmos 1 $ 295.00