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          A Trip Collage

If any of you follow me on social media, you know that Jimmy and I have recently returned from a great trip - A European Cruise that started in Venice, Italy and went to Croatia, Turkey, and two stops on different Greek Islands.  It was fabulous! We had many fun and interesting adventures along the way.

I love making photo books on my MacBook. Being the artist that I am, I wanted to try something new! A collage of sorts on a blue background, (symbolic of the color of the Santorini skies in Greece.) I included a little snippet from each of our stops.  Every aspect of the collage is a memory for us.  It tells a story of our trip and will serve as a memory and conversation piece once framed and hung on a wall in our home. 

Above are the images I chose for my travel collage. The first represents Venice with her bridges and water taxis. Next, Jimmy, while walking along the wall in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Delicious food, namely grilled octopus from a favorite spot in Venice.  The island of Santorini had many lovely blue roofs. We visited Ephesus and here is one of many arches in the ruins. I like this photo of me, exiting a small hotel in Venice where we stayed.  The towel sculpture is a reminder of our cabin on the ship. Our cabin attendant left a clever sculpture every evening. And finally, the two of us on our EBikes which we enjoyed on the island of Santorini.

The border is from the ionic egg design that we saw everywhere!
And in each corner is the symbol to ward off the evil eye... A Mediterranean tradition!

And here is the finished piece! Our travel story from our wonderful memorable cruise. I know you have been on some fun trips that warrant a travel collage of your own?!?!?  Send me a message and let's get started!  sarah@hugermemories.com

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