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I spent a week out in CA a week or so ago.  Good time visiting with family especially my own three children.  As they get older it's hard to get us all together!!

The last full day I decided to brave the 12 lane interstate in my rented Ford Flex to downtown LA and the garment district.  Boy is it something to see!  Lots of junk. Lots of people. But oh what a great time digging for treasures! My new friend Carlos helped me cut yards of fabrics.  His mom helped me with some wonderful sequined trim.  I also found some interesting buttons and Liberty of London prints.

How I excited I was to return to my studio and work with my treasures! Continuing with my "Women We Love" collection, I added some bling and more textural elements which include the buttons. A great combination of my love of interior design AND fashion design :)

Martha and Frida are not pillows yet. But they will be very soon. Look for them here! They are a part of the continually growing collection of "Women We Love" . A series of unique, custom pillows celebrating famous women from first ladies to mavens of style.  The limited-edition collection of 21-inch decorative pillows is designed by Huger artist Sarah Gibson Wiley.  Wiley's hand drawn photos of iconic women are machine stitched onto hand-cut applique.  

If you or someone you know are interested in wholesale pricing please contact me at Sarah@HugerMemories.com.

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