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          Huger Embroidery Has Got A New Look

I've always had this thing with miniatures.  As a little girl I made and painted a bed out of flour dough.  I sewed clothes for my dolls.  I collected miniature horses and ponies who rested for years on my bookshelves in my 3rd floor bedroom.

As an adult I treasure my English lead Britains.  And other small miniatures including bikes, suitcases, skates and tea sets.  I love all the detail and workmanship that went into each one of them.
There was a period of time I made small people out of wire, quilt stuffing and fimo clay for the heads, hands and feet.  Not only did I make the bodies, I also made their clothes.  Knitted sweaters, sewed little skirts pants and tops for them...

I think after designing homes for years, it's no surprise that creating rooms in miniature is so enjoyable to me. Each room is a fun little challenge to come up with the arrangement of furniture and choose fabrics that are small enough in pattern, yet strong enough in color and texture to create a collage that appears as a room.

My little interior rooms are available on my website; and if you are in the Richmond area, some can be seen at Fraiche on Grove Avenue and down the road at Frame of Mind.  

xoxo, Sarah


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