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Iris Apfel Pillow

A fashion icon, an American business woman and an interior designer. And I got to meet her!

Iris Apfel was my first textile portrait!!  Why? You ask? I will tell you!

I had seen several artists who had painted Iris Apfel.  I love all the color and design that surrounds her.  Old World Weavers, originally built by her and her husband, Carl, created fabrics loaded with texture and design.

In my mind I had Iris written all over me.

So I created her.  Layer upon layer to include her jacket, blouse, collar, oversize necklace, iconic broach.  And the most identifying part of her... the round black glasses.

Do you have a room that beckons for Iris? Layers of fabrics, pillows, texture and color?


21" square

down/feather insert 

back is a neutral 

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