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Pablo Picasso Pillow

I took art history in school 3 times!! Ask me why??? I knew all about Pablo Picasso and Cubism. I knew his important works. My grandparents had one of his original paintings.  My Mother has a small piece of his sculpture.  I guess you can say in some way or another Pablo has been in my world for a lot of years...

I chose him as a subject after I had created my Andy Warhol pillow.  I think many of us are intrigued by other people's lives.  Artist are some of the most eccentric and exciting.  

The sunflower and muted background seemed perfect for Pablo.  His stark blue and white tee-shirt pops out against the more earthy colors. For this reason this pillow can work in many spots in your home if you are intrigued by this bohemian and arty figure.

21" square

down/feather insert 

back is a neutral


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